Sunday, 10:00am St Mary's Church, Boston Spa

City Church


Open Door Scheme

The Open Door Scheme started in 1992 and over the years has provided much needed support towards the running costs of this beautiful building.

However, this year we have an enormous financial challenge. In addition to the income required for the general day to day costs, restoration work is urgently needed to make the Church Tower structurally sound, safe and weather proof, and such work will cost a substantial amount.

The Church Council is working very hard in organising new events to raise as much money as possible, as well as applying for funds from English Heritage and other such bodies for the Church Tower restoration, but we would be very pleased if more people were to join the Open Door Scheme. Membership costs just £10 per person per number, which entitles you to take part in the quarterly draws with a prize of £100 drawn in September, December, March and June and an extra prize of £25 at Christmas.

Please click here :- Open Door Letter October 2015 for an application form.