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St.  Mary’s  has  a  long  tradition  of  being  kept  open  (Mondays  to  Saturdays)  from  9.00am  until early  evening  for private prayer or simply as a place for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

On Sundays it is open at 7.45am when an 8.00am service of Holy Communion is celebrated, on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month.

Being part of a regular worshipping community is a good way of shaping our lives in the world. We learn to praise and thank God, confess our weakness and receive His forgiveness. We learn from listening to the Scriptures and having them explained. We pray for others and share fellowship and friendship, all of which helps us to take the message of Jesus Christ into our everyday lives.

We  strive to do all this  and more, particularly  in terms  of building a sense  of community, recognising that ‘belonging’  is a pre­ requisite for ‘believing’, which is one of the parish’s strengths.

Most parishioners claim some Christian allegiance. We would dearly love to attract and welcome many more “fellow travellers in the faith” to join us regularly in our worship and life.

A sense of welcome is at the heart of how we see ourselves and we do attempt to extend a warm welcome to all newcomers, visitors, Christians of all traditions and those of other faiths or none. We have a special relationship with the Methodist Church and regularly worship in each others churches.

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